“Does it Matter what we eat? I know people who “eat right” and “exercise” who developed a disease and died.”

554289_434254109936879_392361780792779_1529949_1467913630_n[1]How many have heard this before?  Perhaps these words came out of your mouth.  Here Is my response that I hope will be your’s someday – if not already.

I will take my chances and continue my “whole health lifestyle” of eating real food not -made in a lab – not grown in poisonous soil – foods not shot up with drugs- Being: fats, protein, veggies and whole grains. It’s not all about nutrition!! I will go in sun (moderation) be in nature daily- without poisoned sunscreen and allow my body to absorb the vitamin D3 that ramps up my immune system to fight off many illnesses in disease. I will continue to be kind, compassionate and care fore the lives around me , I will continue to exercise in moderation and in such a way that I am not breaking down my body (every day we should move to keep our blood and lymphatic fluid flowing); lastly I will continue to have faith in my heart  – in my God, creator of this universe and respect the beauty how every living thing is interdependent on each other for a good quality of life. I will continue Respect the Golden Rule of most religions- treat others the way you would want to be treated as well as have a grateful heart and positive attitude and laugh. You see #1 we never had the right information on what is healthy”; #2 our country is driven by profit that doesn’t protect the health of our soil and thus “All Life” . So the choices we make daily can have a big impact on those profit seeking companies to stop destroying our soil/water/air. .. It’s a conscious shift to a Whole Living Lifestyle.

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Roxanne Linton, WHE, WHC




Whole Health Today – Professional Wellness Programs

Despite the fact the US spends the most on healthcare then any other country- more and more Americans are on prescribed medication.  What’s worse, the U.S. is facing epidemics in preventable diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and now Alzheimer’s.  Something is terribly wrong!

Did you know for every Dollar you invest in your employees’ health you save $6 in health care costs? Hard Return of Wellness Programs – Harvard Business Review

A reform in health care is desperately needed – it’s called Whole Health Prevention.  As your Wellness Professional I utilize my Whole Health approach  which addresses the Five Aspects of Health ® that very simply teaches the why’s and hows to preventative health.

Whole Health Wellness Programs:

1)  Stress and Disease – Learn why stress is responsible for 90% of all disease and how to protect you body.
2)  Nutrition  – Understand at a cellular level what you body needs for ultimate health that leads to weight loss and disease prevention. Please just say no to Diets and Fads!
3)  Hidden Food Allergies and Chronic Illness
4) Inflammation  – the Silent Killer.
5) Facts on Fats – Learn the real causes of Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
6) Stress Reductions Techniques – Meditation, EFT, Alternate Nostril Breathing and Guided Imagery.
7) Proper Exercise and Why
8) Your Thoughts and your Health – Learn of the Mind Body Connection
9) The Five Aspects of Health○ – It’s just not about Nutrition and exercise!

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Why The Need for Professional Wellness Advocates and Whole Health Education – Buffalo, New York

When you hear about the big medical campuses being built in Buffalo do you ever ask your self if that truly is a good thing?  To me that just tells me our Health Care system is not working – business is booming which is creating such a  demand.  Whats wrong with our health care system? Usually when the outcome is continuously bad we step back and look at the situation and try a different approach.  Usually.

A Different Approach that has Amazing results:

What can a  Professional Wellness Advocate do that will change the Health Care Model? A professional Wellness Advocate is an Educator and a patient advocate who facilitate’s the inclusion of whole person care, whole health patient education and health advocacy into the practice of medicine and health care in all settings.  It’s a new approach that addresses disease prevention through whole person health education and self-directed care.

As a Wellness Advocate, through my education at the National Institute of Whole Health, I have a holistic and whole person understanding of the cause and effect of health and disease.
What’s the difference of a Whole Health Educator, Professional Wellness Advocate and  Health Coach?  click here.

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Be kind and compassionate to others.  A simple smile or a helping hand in their time of need can be so healthy not only to them but for you as well.

All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE, CCE

Health Education Pediatric and Adolescent, Western New York.

Children and Young Adults need to be encouraged more then ever to protect their bodies.  As a Whole Health Educator, my mission is to fight Big Food and Big Agriculture with education to ensure our children’s’ welfare is protected.

Meanwhile, as a mother of two boys 10 and 12 – you can say I am at the front lines battling to protect my children’s health.  I am more interested about PREVENTION!  When my children think of McDonald’s, Burger King and High Fructose Corn syrup as a JOKE… I know I am winning the battle!  As a Whole Health Educator my mo-to is ” Bring it On”!

Yet nutrition is not everything to protect our children.  As A Whole Health Educator, my vision is to reach these children and teach them that we are dependent our on world as it is dependent on us.  I also need to teach we are meant to be kind and compassionate to one another. In addition, teaching children and young adults the values we place on our selves bring us hope and faith for a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately, teaching our children will not change the pollutants in the air and everyday products.  Yet, maybe just maybe, when these young children grasp the fact that our earth, it’s systems and our bodies cannot thrive on these chemicals… may be just may be -as adults- they have the power to turn this madness around.

I want to be the friend to share and inspire other moms and dads to protect this world – home for our children.

Every child has the right to a healthy life.  Unfortunately we are being bamboozled as to what is healthy and what is not.  Let me walk with you to safe guard the health of your children and their world.

All the Best,

Roxanne Linton WHE,



Nutrition: Health and Wellness – Know the facts!

Let’s talk…

Most people see the responsibility of eating healthy.  Let’s face it – who can afford the rising cost of our health insurance, co pays, uncovered prescriptions and medical procedures?   Has anyone tried to get in to see a specialist lately only to get an appointment 4 months away?  Or worse yet, when we find out someone in their 40’s or younger has fallen over dead or developed a tragic illness leaving a family behind?

As a Whole Health Educator,  I would like to Blog about one of these Aspects…  Nutrition.

Where does one turn for Nutritional Information?

Back in the 80’s the mass population followed the USDA recommendations’ for a “healthier life style and became a nation of pandemic disease and obesity:  The USDA Food Pyramid.  

This Food Pyramid was in every doctor’s office, taught in schools – heck I even did a project with my son in Cub Scouts on it back in 2008!    The problem with the USDA Healthy Food Pyramid was it did not specify what healthy foods vs the unhealthy foods were!

So now we have MyPlate.gov. MyPlate.gov is much better- in a sense -that it displays a plate half filled with fruits and vegetables yet still fails to take into consideration the biochemical needs of human beings.  Also one wonders why most of our subsidized tax dollars still fund Big GMO Corn and so little to fruits and vegetables?

What’s worse, the same USDA (.Gov) who allows non labeled GMO’s, Hydrogenated oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Hormones, Steroids and MSG in food is giving the American People health Advice?   REALLY?

Check out this short video by Harvard School of Public Health.

Protect Your Health, One bite at a Time
Roxanne Linton WHE, CCE



Responsibility and Health … If Not You…Then Who?

According to the CDC Health United States 2011 Trends and Statistics :

1.  The cost per capita (per person) of Health Expenditures from 1980 was $2853.  In 2009 it rose to $8086. 

2.  Employer contribution to private health insurance premiums in 1987 $84.2 billion to 2009 $397.5 billion.

3.  Employee contribution to health insurance premiums 1987 $43.9 billion to 2009 $247.6 billion.

4.  Total doctors of medicine (Family, Internal, Obstetrics, Pediatrics) 1980 467,679. In 2009 the number rose to 972,376.

5.  Obesity in 1980 was 15.1 % in 2010 the number rose to 35.4% 

6.  Leading Cause of Death in 1980:
Disease of Heart 761,085
Cancer   416,509
Diabetes 34,851 

7.  Leading Cause of Death in 2008:
Disease of Heart 616,828
Cancer 565,469
Alzheimer’s 82,435
Diabetes 70,553

 8. Fast Food restaurants in 1970 was 30,000.  In 2001 the number rose to 222,000. (GMO’s, Factory Meats, High fructose was introduced in 1980’s)

9. Pepsi and Coke replaced sugar with High Fructose in 1980’s.

It’s time for a change and this change starts with you.  These statistics makes it clear that it our responsibility to take care of our bodies!    Unfortunately Big Food makes it difficult for us to know what it safe.

Roxanne Linton, WHE

Benefits to Rebounding – Protect your Whole Health!

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A New Approach to Health in Buffalo New York

Spread the word… Whole Health Today is accepting clients for Whole Health Education and Professional Wellness Advocacy as well as Childbirth Education in the Buffalo New York Area!  Learn More…

Why Whole Health Education?    The United States spends the most on health care and our cost are rising at sickening rates.  According to the Health United Nation 2010 Chartbook, in 1990 the  U.S GDP spent on health care was $5801 Billion .  In 2008 it rose to $14,441 Billion. Whats more disturbing, the U.S is still a very sick, malnourished country with preventable diseases now becomming epidemics.   The U.S Consumer Price Index spent on prescription drugs was 72.5 in 1980.  In 2009 it rose to 391.1. 

Clearly we can see that treating symptoms DOES NOT WORK!

I do not teach you fad diets or the latest supplements. Nor do I just treat your symptoms.   I teach the 5 Aspects of Health in a way that will allow you to take control of your health.  I walk with you, listen to you, and humbly witness as you find your path to Whole Health.

As a Professional Whole Health Educator, my job allows you to be the center of your healing process.  Together we work with your doctor to ensure all your health needs are met.

This new approach to health does not treat symptoms -it teaches about root cause and puts the control back where it belongs – in your hands.  Learn More!

Protect Your Health.
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Let’s Talk Bones

Our Skeletal system is alive! Like our organs, it has blood supply and nerve supply.   Did you know your bones do more then just give your body support and protection?   Other key roles our bones have is: key player in our immune system, forms red blood cells, stores minerals, helps control blood sugar and as we know works with muscle to allow movement. 

Our skeletal system is in a constant state of renewal with the direct help of it’s friends the thyroid, the para thyroid and the pancreas.  The maintenance of bones first requires old bones to be dissolved  by “osteoclast” cells  then new bone is formed via “ostoblast” cells. 

As you can see, healthy bones are vital in our over all health.  Our skeletal system demonstrates the interdependence interconnection and relationship of the systems and organs of the body. 

The best way to protect your bones:

1. Weight bearing exercise – pounding stimulates bones
2. Eat real food -a balanced diet  rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin K1 -leafy greens and K2 – Fermented natto.
3. Get plenty of Sunshine Vit D3
4. Control how you react to stress in your life..Cortisol depletes immune function which interferes with bone marrow function.  Anyone ever get sick after a big test or stressful time in their life?

Remember one body with 5!

All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE 


Why Losing Weight is Not Just about Diet and Exercise

There are so many people who diet and exercise yet cannot lose weight.  Why?

This is a very frustrating topic that I hope to shed some light on.  As a Whole Health Educator I can personally go into further detail to set you on your journey to Whole Health.

Factors Preventing Weight Loss:

1. Stress –  releases excessive cortisol.  Cortisol tells the body I need energy now or in the very near future therefore communicates to the body to store “quick energy” in the belly and ensure a good supply… junk food cravings.  Learn how to control the way you react to stressors in your life.

2. “Fat Free Diets” – When you starve your body of fats, then your body – liver- creates fat which is the harmful fat.  The body needs a certain amount of Saturated, Monounsaturated and EFA’s – Essential Fatty Acids to function and for optimal health. 

3. Toxic Liver – Your liver performs over 400 various functions.  Some functions include: A) Detoxes the body; B) Emulsifies fat; C) Sugar “glucose” is sent to liver for proper distribution to the brain, muscles and fat cells.   Toxins include:  Tylenol, medications, excessive alcohol etc.  to protect your liver, flush it and keep it clean.

4. Waterlogged Tissues  can be a result of:   Hidden food allergies, medications, hormonal imbalance as well as lack of protein. 

5. Excess Insulin and Excess Inflammation – when we eat high glycemic foods (food that turns to sugar – glucose- very rapidly in the body) it triggers high insulin in our bodies.  Insulin is a hormone that tells the body to “store” sugar.  Our brain and muscles cells only store a small portion of sugar, the rest is stored in fat cells. 

6. Environmental factors – Studies show that between 1930 and 2000 increase use of chemicals matched the increase in obesity in the U.S.   Chemicals include: Pesticide, herbicides, fungicides, drugs, plastics, GMO’s and high fructose corn-syrup.

7. Lack of support – choosing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.  If your family and friends are not supportive it is very easy to fall back into the SAL… Standard American Lifestyle.  Learn how to connect with like minded people who encourage and support you.  Also learn how to shut off that inner critic that also prevents you in your success.

It is my hope that I opened a window to your weight loss success. 

Roxanne Linton WHE