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Most people see the responsibility of eating healthy.  Let’s face it – who can afford the rising cost of our health insurance, co pays, uncovered prescriptions and medical procedures?   Has anyone tried to get in to see a specialist lately only to get an appointment 4 months away?  Or worse yet, when we find out someone in their 40’s or younger has fallen over dead or developed a tragic illness leaving a family behind?

As a Whole Health Educator,  I would like to Blog about one of these Aspects…  Nutrition.

Where does one turn for Nutritional Information?

Back in the 80’s the mass population followed the USDA recommendations’ for a “healthier life style and became a nation of pandemic disease and obesity:  The USDA Food Pyramid.  

This Food Pyramid was in every doctor’s office, taught in schools – heck I even did a project with my son in Cub Scouts on it back in 2008!    The problem with the USDA Healthy Food Pyramid was it did not specify what healthy foods vs the unhealthy foods were!

So now we have is much better- in a sense -that it displays a plate half filled with fruits and vegetables yet still fails to take into consideration the biochemical needs of human beings.  Also one wonders why most of our subsidized tax dollars still fund Big GMO Corn and so little to fruits and vegetables?

What’s worse, the same USDA (.Gov) who allows non labeled GMO’s, Hydrogenated oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Hormones, Steroids and MSG in food is giving the American People health Advice?   REALLY?

Check out this short video by Harvard School of Public Health.

Protect Your Health, One bite at a Time
Roxanne Linton WHE, CCE



Responsibility and Health … If Not You…Then Who?

According to the CDC Health United States 2011 Trends and Statistics :

1.  The cost per capita (per person) of Health Expenditures from 1980 was $2853.  In 2009 it rose to $8086. 

2.  Employer contribution to private health insurance premiums in 1987 $84.2 billion to 2009 $397.5 billion.

3.  Employee contribution to health insurance premiums 1987 $43.9 billion to 2009 $247.6 billion.

4.  Total doctors of medicine (Family, Internal, Obstetrics, Pediatrics) 1980 467,679. In 2009 the number rose to 972,376.

5.  Obesity in 1980 was 15.1 % in 2010 the number rose to 35.4% 

6.  Leading Cause of Death in 1980:
Disease of Heart 761,085
Cancer   416,509
Diabetes 34,851 

7.  Leading Cause of Death in 2008:
Disease of Heart 616,828
Cancer 565,469
Alzheimer’s 82,435
Diabetes 70,553

 8. Fast Food restaurants in 1970 was 30,000.  In 2001 the number rose to 222,000. (GMO’s, Factory Meats, High fructose was introduced in 1980’s)

9. Pepsi and Coke replaced sugar with High Fructose in 1980’s.

It’s time for a change and this change starts with you.  These statistics makes it clear that it our responsibility to take care of our bodies!    Unfortunately Big Food makes it difficult for us to know what it safe.

Roxanne Linton, WHE