Why The Need for Professional Wellness Advocates and Whole Health Education – Buffalo, New York

When you hear about the big medical campuses being built in Buffalo do you ever ask your self if that truly is a good thing?  To me that just tells me our Health Care system is not working – business is booming which is creating such a  demand.  Whats wrong with our health care system? Usually when the outcome is continuously bad we step back and look at the situation and try a different approach.  Usually.

A Different Approach that has Amazing results:

What can a  Professional Wellness Advocate do that will change the Health Care Model? A professional Wellness Advocate is an Educator and a patient advocate who facilitate’s the inclusion of whole person care, whole health patient education and health advocacy into the practice of medicine and health care in all settings.  It’s a new approach that addresses disease prevention through whole person health education and self-directed care.

As a Wellness Advocate, through my education at the National Institute of Whole Health, I have a holistic and whole person understanding of the cause and effect of health and disease.
What’s the difference of a Whole Health Educator, Professional Wellness Advocate and  Health Coach?  click here.

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Be kind and compassionate to others.  A simple smile or a helping hand in their time of need can be so healthy not only to them but for you as well.

All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE, CCE