Understanding the Basics to Understand Nutrition


Does anyone remember the Food Pyramid that hung in every doctors office, and our schools that prescribed 5-6 servings of Carbohydrates a day , then closer to the top we had our meats, fish, and dairy.  Traveling further to the very top…fat and sweets were lumped together as “use sparingly”?  Sadly, this said Food Pyramid has led us into Obesity, Diabetes, Heart disease and so on.  So who really benefited from this food pyramid and how did our health professionals have it so wrong ? (That’s another Blog)

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Now I am not a medical student, nutritionist or a nurse, what I am is a Certified Whole Health Educator – Wellness Professional.  In my studies I learned about the Five Aspects of Health through 16 courses ranging from Inflammation taught by  Barry Sears, PhD to Metabolic Syndrome taught by Diana Schwarzbein, MD – to Nutrition Research at Harvard taught by Walter Willitt, MD,Dr PH.

Every course I studied touched upon the 5 Aspects of Health®: 1) Physical; 2) Emotional; 3) Environmental; 4) Nutritional; 5) Spiritual which gave the Big Picture understanding how “our bodies work and what our bodies need to stay healthy” that I am easily able to teach this “Big Picture™” understanding to  educate and empower clients to take control of their health.

Understanding the  body and the chemical makeup of our food, I would like to share some simple facts.

  • Carbohydrates turn to sugar in your body. Sugar turns on the Inflammation in our body..  Inflammation leads to most diseases.  Sugar gets transported into the liver by a hormone your pancreas releases called insulin. Our brain needs a steady but very little sugar (glycogen) to keep us alive. Our muscle cells can only store so much sugar. The remaining sugar is stored in our fat cells and turns into the bad cholesterol.   A diet high in carbohydrates, in time, can cause our bodies either to become insulin resistant or that the cells in our bodies cannot take any more sugar “Over Filled Cells”.  Both resulting in high insulin and high blood sugar – Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease.  interestingly enough a point worth sharing.  Cancer feeds on Sugar. (Notice where Carbohydrates was on the food pyramid).
  • Protein consumption stimulates the pancrease to produce Glucagon which tells the body to release stored sugar – meaning it aide’s insulin in regulation blood sugar levels. Protein is the building blocks of our body needed for repair and regeneration.  (Notice where the protein was on the pyramid).

This is where it will get very interesting to you :

  • Fats – Eating cholesterol and fat does not cause heart disease and or obesity!!!!! In fact, not eating this necessary nutrient causes heart disease and obesity – our body will convert the stored sugar in our fat cells into the bad cholesterol (LDL).  Eating foods high in fat is needed by the body .Fat protects our brain, organs and systems in the body.  Every cell membrane is our body is made from cholesterol.  Our bodies convert fat into fuel – a clean burning fuel.  (Notice where fat was on the food pyramid).

Now it will take more of  blog to discuss the complexity of carbohydrates from complex to simple as well as the differences in fats from monounsaturated Omega 3 to saturated Omega 6’s .  To keep it very simple to you- stay clear from white processed, enriched carbohydrates – get most of your carbohydrates from your vegetables.  As far as fats, stay away from any fat made in a lab (canola, vegetable, and especially hydrogenated oil)and balance your Omega 3 to your Omega 6’s.

As you can see, it is imperative that we take control of our health. The information we are given is not always in our best interest. My job is to educate and empower you to do just that.

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“Does it Matter what we eat? I know people who “eat right” and “exercise” who developed a disease and died.”

554289_434254109936879_392361780792779_1529949_1467913630_n[1]How many have heard this before?  Perhaps these words came out of your mouth.  Here Is my response that I hope will be your’s someday – if not already.

I will take my chances and continue my “whole health lifestyle” of eating real food not -made in a lab – not grown in poisonous soil – foods not shot up with drugs- Being: fats, protein, veggies and whole grains. It’s not all about nutrition!! I will go in sun (moderation) be in nature daily- without poisoned sunscreen and allow my body to absorb the vitamin D3 that ramps up my immune system to fight off many illnesses in disease. I will continue to be kind, compassionate and care for the lives around me, I will continue to exercise in moderation and in such a way that I am not breaking down my body (every day we should move to keep our blood and lymphatic fluid flowing); lastly I will continue to have faith in my heart  – in my God, creator of this universe and respect the beauty how every living thing is interdependent on each other for a good quality of life. I will continue Respect the Golden Rule of most religions- treat others the way you would want to be treated as well as have a grateful heart and positive attitude and laugh. You see:   #1 we never had the right information on what is healthy”; #2 our country is driven by profit that doesn’t protect the health of our soil and thus “All Life” . So the choices we make daily can have a big impact on those profit seeking companies to stop destroying our soil/water/air. .. It’s a conscious shift to a Whole Living Lifestyle.

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Whole Health Today – Professional Wellness Programs

Despite the fact the US spends the most on healthcare then any other country- more and more Americans are on prescribed medication.  What’s worse, the U.S. is facing epidemics in preventable diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and now Alzheimer’s.  Something is terribly wrong!

Did you know for every Dollar you invest in your employees’ health you save $6 in health care costs? Hard Return of Wellness Programs – Harvard Business Review

A reform in health care is desperately needed – it’s called Whole Health Prevention.  As your Wellness Professional I utilize my Whole Health approach  which addresses the Five Aspects of Health ® that very simply teaches the why’s and hows to preventative health.

Whole Health Wellness Programs:

1)  Stress and Disease – Learn why stress is responsible for 90% of all disease and how to protect you body.
2)  Nutrition  – Understand at a cellular level what you body needs for ultimate health that leads to weight loss and disease prevention. Please just say no to Diets and Fads!
3)  Hidden Food Allergies and Chronic Illness
4) Inflammation  – the Silent Killer.
5) Facts on Fats – Learn the real causes of Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
6) Stress Reductions Techniques – Meditation, EFT, Alternate Nostril Breathing and Guided Imagery.
7) Proper Exercise and Why
8) Your Thoughts and your Health – Learn of the Mind Body Connection
9) The Five Aspects of Health○ – It’s just not about Nutrition and exercise!

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New to Health and Wellness in Buffalo New York – not a fad but a Journey!


I think we all have realized, by now, that a healthy body is not created by the “on again off again” latest diet or fitness fad.

I suspect that people are beginning to be curious about that ever growing organic section at their local super market and the success of the local farmers market.

I imagine that consumers are becoming concerned about why some company advertise “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” while other advertisements are promoting the safety of High Fructose Corn Syrup” and in fact calling it another name!

Does it bother anyone that some drugs, which were approved by the FDA, are becoming class action lawsuits because rather then healing people – damage them?

Are you interested to be empowered with education on the aspects of health so that you can be in control of your health? I promise, you will not be given any latest fads but education that will demystify all the information that pounds us daily.

Let me empower you and together we will walk on your journey to Whole Health ™.

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Are you still “Drinking the Kool Aide”

 An article by Dr. Mercola


This is the Story they want you to see… Now for the Rest of the Story… go to Why is Medical Fraud Everywhere by Dr. Mercola

             Highlights from this Mercola Article

The “Rest of the Story “at-a-glance

  • A recent episode of 60 Minutes revealed how Dr. Anil Potti, a cancer researcher at Duke University, was found to have manipulated research data to support his hypothesis, which led to over 100 terminally ill cancer patients participating in a fraudulent cancer trial
  • The real fraud, however, is revealed in Duke University’s statement that none of the trial participants were harmed—even though they died—because all of them still received “the standard of care” in chemotherapy
  • The cancer paradigm is based on an archaic cut, poison, and burn approach. This is a cash cow for the drug companies, and they are working hard to protect this paradigm at all cost—even when it means sacrificing millions of lives to prevent non-patentable or otherwise inexpensive treatments from reaching the market
  • In the last few years, we’ve seen several cases of shocking medical science fraud

Examples of Medical Fraud Include:

  • Scott S. Reuben, a prominent Massachusetts anesthesiologist, allegedly fabricated 21 medical studies published between 1996 and 2008 that claimed to show benefits from painkillers like Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra and Lyrica. His work was considered important in encouraging doctors to combine the use of painkillers like Celebrex and Lyrica for patients undergoing common procedures such as knee and hip replacements
  • Last year, autism researcher Poul Thorsen was charged with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering. He also allegedly stole over $1 million from autism research funding between February 2004 and June 2008. He is said to have stolen the money while serving as the ‘principal investigator’ for a program that studied the relationship between autism and exposure to vaccines. He was involved in several key studies the CDC uses to support their claims that MMR and mercury-containing vaccines, among others, are safe. One of his papers on the subject, known as ‘The Danish Study’, is extensively quoted to refute the autism-vaccine connection
  • In October, 2011, the Office of Research Integrity at the U.S. Department of Health discovered that a Boston University cancer scientist, Sheng Wang, had fabricated his research findings. His work was published in two journals in 2009, and he’s been ordered to retract them. But important studies by other scientists like those at the Mayo Clinic, who based their work on his findings, could now see 10 years of their studies going down the drain as worthless…
  • In November of last year, a noted Dutch psychologist confessed to fabricating research data for years. According to an investigating committee, Dr. Diederik Stapel falsified entire experiments, and several dozen of his fabricated papers were published in respected psychology journals and promoted in the mediaiii.
  • In January, resveratrol researcher with the University of Connecticut, Dipak Das, was found guilty of 145 counts of fabrication and falsification of data published in 11 different journals.iv

My Thought is keep it simple – Protect Your Health by:

  1. Eat real food and a balanced diet at every meal:  fruit and veggies, whole grains, protein and healthy fat!
  2. Exercise, get sunshine and fresh air.
  3. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  4. Know that we are as dependent on our Earth as our Earth is Dependent on us.. Protect it!

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If It Only Was Simple

How many times have we said that?  Be it our car, computer, government or our own bodies.   We think, if I can just see the big picture of how it works – maybe just maybe I may be able to have some control.

Then there are all these products and their clever advertisements  that just add to the confusion as to what we need or should be buying.

I will start with the bad news; I got nothing on the car, computer or our government.  Now the Good news – As a Whole Health Educator ™ I can help you understand the Simple picture of the human body.

For starts, we must understand that our body is made up of systems and organs which have two way communications via our central nervous system and through our protein peptides (emotions, hormones and neuro peptides).   Now, our organs, systems, nervous system and protein peptides are interdependent on one another and perform many “unrelated” job tasks to keep the body healthy.  For instance did you know your pancreas and thyroid are very much part of your bone health? How about this, healthy bones are needed for a healthy immune system!  The simple picture is that our body is not broken up into parts and pieces… It’s a whole package and must be treated that way.

When we become sick, our body is screaming- with symptoms- that there is an imbalance.  Simply taking a pill will never fix this imbalance – just the symptom.  Most of the time, continued usage of medication leads the body to further imbalances.

Keep it Simple – Fix or Prevent the Imbalance!  Taking care of our whole body includes: Exercising  that includes pounding,weight bearing, aerobic and stretching; Eating Real Food that consist of natural Vitamin, Minerals, Enzymes and Phytonutrients, Protein, Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Roughage and Water. {Say NO to chemicals, processed and GMO’s}; Emotional Gate Keeping – our emotions/hormones play a major role in our health; Environment/Belonging– what’s going on internally in our body as well as what are we bringing in from the outside that’s messing us up on the inside? Lastly, Giving Thanks and Unyielding Faith for our blessings and for a better tomorrow.

Protect Your Health,


Fresh the Movie

On our journey to Whole Health we begin to see the connection and interdependence we have to protecting the quality of our soil, food and water in order to obtain the essential nutrients we need for optimal health. 

Take a major step in your journey by watching this film. http://vimeo.com/34578083  .  If you would like to learn more or donate, please see the link below. 

Article Posted by Dr. Mercola:

The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate – When Will Your Moment of Truth Arrive? Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 26 2012 | 93,464 views.  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/26/fresh-video-documentary.aspx  

Story at-a-glance

  • The “faster, bigger, cheaper” approach to food production is unsustainable and contributing to the destruction of our planet and your health
  • It is time to shift our food paradigm toward one that is more focused on natural, organic and independent community farms that practice polyculture, as opposed to monoculture
  • Monoculture agricultural practices damage the soil, increase dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, encourage the use of GMOs, and contribute to antibiotic resistant bacterial strains
  • The argument that small independent farms cost more to operate and are less profitable is a myth that has been disproven by science
  • Government subsidizes corn growers but not veggie growers, and massive food production monopolies like ADM and Cargill control the food chain from seed to plate, essentially holding farmers captive.


Is Diet Soda better for your heart then pure Water?

According to the Diet Soda company I called today – Yes!

I called inquiring about “The Heart Truth” logo their can proudly displays.  Was it the Aspartame, Potassium Benzoate or Carmel Color that protects the Heart I asked? I went on to ask – isn’t it healthier to drink pure water then diet soda and to my utter suprise the company told me “NO – not for everyone!”

 Keep it simple if it’s not part of the food chain, then do not consume it!  You will protect your body and our great earth.

You Tube Videos:





Diet pop tied to heart attack, stroke risks: Study
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Diet+tied+heart+attack+stroke+risks+Study/6170442/story.html#ixzz1nAO4dCxw