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I am a SUNY graduate with my BS from Fredonia College. I am a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health with dual certification as a Whole Health Educator and Wellness Professional.  I am a professional member of the American Counseling Association.  Also, I am a Certified Childbirth Educator from the Academy of Childbirth Educators.

My Passion is to help men and women create healthy lifestyles to allow them to  take care of themselves and their families.

My Story:
I have been passionate about my health since my early 20’s.
Unfortunately for health professionals as well as just the average person interested in staying healthy – we all had the wrong information!   We were given a food pyramid that promoted obesity,inflammation, disease as well as food addictions;  Our bodies were thought of as parts and pieces; we increased the use of toxins in our soil and we became a society who believed(s) in long work hours that neglect both  family and ones personal body as the true meaning success.  Society as a whole became sicker and sicker.   I was 26 years old  and became very sick by living a “healthy” lifestyle!   I also witnessed my very young and active aunts and uncles battle and die of heart disease and cancer .  I asked myself WHY??

In my 30’s, after being sick myself and now my children were also chronically sick – I was tired of the medications that didn’t help prevent the sickness, I started to research alternative medicine.  There was so much out there and my mind was swimming as to what’s the real thing and what’s the “snake oil”.  In fact, you can go to any store and they have a dedicated isle to vitamins in many brands.  I began to research  the benefits of whole foods, healthy flora as well as the dangers of processed foods, white flour and white sugar.  Our food and beverages loaded with chemicals have labels that say “Proud supporter of the Heart Association” or you see this on our milk or meat packages “No Growth Hormones”…….WHAT?  Through my research I stumbled on National Institute for Whole Health and started my journey.  This journey has brought me and my family to health.

With my certification I understand organically the Whole Health approach to health.  Today Doctors and nurses of myself and my family members are asking “What are we doing”  All the physicals and blood work are amazing!

I began Whole Health Today so that I can empowerpeople on their journey to optimal health.  Prevention is always better and easier then the cure.

It is my passion to take back this society’s Health.

Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP, CCE

Certified Whole Health Educator™
Certified Wellness Advocate Professional ™



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Graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health. www.wholehealtheducation.com

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