Services Offered Buffalo NY

As a Certified Whole Health Educator™* and Wellness Advocate Professional from the National Institute of Whole Health,  I will:

Utilize the National Institute of Whole Health’s  successful Behavioral Engagement model ™*  that allows me to be with the client in a respectful, mindful way that leads to sustainable lifestyle change.

Services Offered:
One on One Peer Counseling and Coaching
Group Therapy Sessions
Professional Wellness Seminars
Child Birth Education Classes

My ultimate goals thru my services provided are the following:

  • Educate on the Five Aspects of Health®* so clients not only understand how our body’s are fully interdependent on it’s systems and organs for optimal health but also understand that our health is interdependent on our environment and our relationship with each other.
  • Work with the clients to help identify the root cause and effects of a chronic condition.
  • Empower clients with knowledge and tools to be in control of their health; make appropriate lifestyle changes and behavioral choices that are right for them.
  • Act as an information source to bring clients evidence based health knowledge which includes: current research on health issues; holistic approaches and medically prescribed treatments for promoting  health and wellness and preventing further imbalances.
  • Teach the why’s and how’s of how stress is related to disease.

* Behavioral Engagement™ is the first known health coaching model to be developed and applied in a health care clinical setting.  It’s a modality developed and tested in Boston area hospitals that has demonstrated its ability to facilitate an individual’s self awareness, knowledge, personal discernment and self-directed care regarding their health and well-being behaviors.  This methodology can lead to sustainable lifestyle changes and improved health outcomes and longevity

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Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP,CCE           
(716) 225-9030

*To learn more about the Institute click here: National Institute of Whole Health

* Whole Health Educator, Whole Health Coach and Behavioral Engagement are registered trademarks of the National Institute of Whole Health



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  1. This sounds good rox !!!Hope it all works out good for you !!!You are a very careing person and whoevever seeks your help will benefit greatly from the knowledge that you have .You put 100% into everything that you do , and I know from the help that you have given to us, that whoever trusts in your knowledge,
    will come out feeling great !!!

    • Almost 50 million are urnnsuied. The exact thing predicted by insurance people on this format and elsewhere, a couple of years ago, is happening: The Health Reform Act as written by our congress and senate, is making MORE people urnnsuied. It will continue to drive the cost of insurance up, and encourage employers to discontinue health insurance coverage for their employers (by making it cheaper to pay the fine, than buy the required coverage). Source: CNN, quoting the CDC.

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