Let’s Talk Bones

Our Skeletal system is alive! Like our organs, it has blood supply and nerve supply.   Did you know your bones do more then just give your body support and protection?   Other key roles our bones have is: key player in our immune system, forms red blood cells, stores minerals, helps control blood sugar and as we know works with muscle to allow movement. 

Our skeletal system is in a constant state of renewal with the direct help of it’s friends the thyroid, the para thyroid and the pancreas.  The maintenance of bones first requires old bones to be dissolved  by “osteoclast” cells  then new bone is formed via “ostoblast” cells. 

As you can see, healthy bones are vital in our over all health.  Our skeletal system demonstrates the interdependence interconnection and relationship of the systems and organs of the body. 

The best way to protect your bones:

1. Weight bearing exercise – pounding stimulates bones
2. Eat real food -a balanced diet  rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin K1 -leafy greens and K2 – Fermented natto.
3. Get plenty of Sunshine Vit D3
4. Control how you react to stress in your life..Cortisol depletes immune function which interferes with bone marrow function.  Anyone ever get sick after a big test or stressful time in their life?

Remember one body with 5!

All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE 


Why Losing Weight is Not Just about Diet and Exercise

There are so many people who diet and exercise yet cannot lose weight.  Why?

This is a very frustrating topic that I hope to shed some light on.  As a Whole Health Educator I can personally go into further detail to set you on your journey to Whole Health.

Factors Preventing Weight Loss:

1. Stress –  releases excessive cortisol.  Cortisol tells the body I need energy now or in the very near future therefore communicates to the body to store “quick energy” in the belly and ensure a good supply… junk food cravings.  Learn how to control the way you react to stressors in your life.

2. “Fat Free Diets” – When you starve your body of fats, then your body – liver- creates fat which is the harmful fat.  The body needs a certain amount of Saturated, Monounsaturated and EFA’s – Essential Fatty Acids to function and for optimal health. 

3. Toxic Liver – Your liver performs over 400 various functions.  Some functions include: A) Detoxes the body; B) Emulsifies fat; C) Sugar “glucose” is sent to liver for proper distribution to the brain, muscles and fat cells.   Toxins include:  Tylenol, medications, excessive alcohol etc.  to protect your liver, flush it and keep it clean.

4. Waterlogged Tissues  can be a result of:   Hidden food allergies, medications, hormonal imbalance as well as lack of protein. 

5. Excess Insulin and Excess Inflammation – when we eat high glycemic foods (food that turns to sugar – glucose- very rapidly in the body) it triggers high insulin in our bodies.  Insulin is a hormone that tells the body to “store” sugar.  Our brain and muscles cells only store a small portion of sugar, the rest is stored in fat cells. 

6. Environmental factors – Studies show that between 1930 and 2000 increase use of chemicals matched the increase in obesity in the U.S.   Chemicals include: Pesticide, herbicides, fungicides, drugs, plastics, GMO’s and high fructose corn-syrup.

7. Lack of support – choosing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.  If your family and friends are not supportive it is very easy to fall back into the SAL… Standard American Lifestyle.  Learn how to connect with like minded people who encourage and support you.  Also learn how to shut off that inner critic that also prevents you in your success.

It is my hope that I opened a window to your weight loss success. 

Roxanne Linton WHE 



High Quality Mini Trampoline – Buffalo NY

If your shopping for a mini trampoline the best thing to do is compare products!    Here is a wonderful website to compare the top mini trampolines.  Click on:  Compare Best Rebounders.
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As A Certified Whole Health Educator I understand the “Whole Health” approach to working out on a mini trampoline.  I did my comparison shopping only to discover the quality, durability, comfort and enjoyment of ReboundAIR™ mini trampoline.   I am a very satisfied customer and in the BEST shape!  In fact, I became a local distributor for the Buffalo, New York area.

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Roxane Linton WHE,CCE
“A New Way to Health”


Silent Inflammation…. The body at war with Self

Silent inflammation functions below the body’s threshold of pain. It can go years unnoticed, attacking the internal bodies organs and tissues which leads to numerable disease states.

When disease symptoms show such as rapid aging, cancers, asthma, allergies, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune etc… this is just the tip of an iceberg… Below the surface lurks silent inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s response against invasion of foreign substances. The body releases inflammatory hormones as a response to injury. There is clotting, swelling, redness and pain. Theses inflammatory hormones communicate to the body to call for its immune cell’s to respond by attacking the foreign invaders and damaged tissue. To return to homeostasis, the body naturally triggers it’s anti inflammatory hormones to cool the “fires” and reduce swelling and heal the wound. This is what we call the body’s natural intelligence.

Disruption in the body’s natural intelligence that triggers an abundance of inflammatory hormones and a reduction of anti inflammatory hormones are a result mostly of poor diet, obesity and environmental toxins.  So we have the perfect storm created by inflammatory diets loaded with chemicals and non food that:  1) Leads the body tissues to lose its ability to recognize cells that are “self”; 2) The body’s inability to produce anti inflammatory hormones.

Silent Inflammation is where the body is unknowingly at war with self. It’s the best defense plan – really. Slowly send in the troops to go in and little by little attack the “Heart” of the country, or the “Brain” of the country and the “Defense” of the county. It would take years before the country saw the signs of corruption and by that time, it’s too weakened to fight back. (Alzheimer’s disease comes to mind)

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones from Silent Inflammation?  Feed your hormones the right diet! Hormones are more powerful than any drug without the destructive side effects. Surprisingly enough, feeding your hormones correctly satiates hunger, allows the bodies natural intelligence to maintain homeostasis and the results:  Health, loss of weight and longevity.

For more information how you can arm yourself to defend against this Silent Killer, contact me by phone, email or website.

All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE, CCE 

Article  of Interest from Time:  U.S Prepares a National Plan for Alzheimer’s :  Sept 14, 2011


New to Health and Wellness in Buffalo New York – not a fad but a Journey!


I think we all have realized, by now, that a healthy body is not created by the “on again off again” latest diet or fitness fad.

I suspect that people are beginning to be curious about that ever growing organic section at their local super market and the success of the local farmers market.

I imagine that consumers are becoming concerned about why some company advertise “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” while other advertisements are promoting the safety of High Fructose Corn Syrup” and in fact calling it another name!

Does it bother anyone that some drugs, which were approved by the FDA, are becoming class action lawsuits because rather then healing people – damage them?

Are you interested to be empowered with education on the aspects of health so that you can be in control of your health? I promise, you will not be given any latest fads but education that will demystify all the information that pounds us daily.

Let me empower you and together we will walk on your journey to Whole Health ™.

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All the Best,
Roxanne Linton WHE,CCE

Synthetic DHA/ARA added to organic and regular infant formula as well as in our food – Please Read.

What some business will do for your Dollar!

A startling article  and a 3 minute video posted by Dr. Mercola that is a must read for everyone – especially new moms and dads!

Organic Baby Formula with DHA –  Click for full article.

Story at-a-glance
Biotech company Martek is under fire for nondisclosure of non-organic manufacturing processes of their infant formula additives, DHA and ARA, which have made their way into numerous infant formulas, including some bearing the USDA Organic Seal
Martek’s DHA and ARA products are synthetic attempts at omega-3 fats, chemically extracted from algae and fungi that have never before been part of the human diet
These infant formula additives, never USDA approved, have been heavily processed and chemically treated with solvents like hexane, and modified with the use of recombinant DNA techniques, all of which are supposed to be disallowed in organic products
There are hundreds of adverse reaction reports filed with the FDA about infants suffering severe gastrointestinal distress, vomiting, and diarrhea after consuming formula with these additives
Political shenanigans and powerful corporate lobbyists threaten the quality and safety of your products, including a recent increase in the tolerated level of pesticides in American products.

Why Whole Health Today?

The services of Whole Health Today will empower you with education and coaching that will protect you and your family from all the misinformation that inundates us daily. 

To Your Health!

Roxanne Linton, WHE




Pesticides tied to falling bee population!

An Article that is a must read from MSNBC .

This Lenten season maybe we all should mindfully do something that will better our health and our world.. Lets give up supporting any company that uses harmful pesticides on our food. 

Let’s go on spiritual diet! – This means eat only food and plants that are not contaminated with chemicals or hormones.  By doing this we will not disrupt our body’s system as well as our earth’s system.

I ate meat today, but my meat was not from a CAFO- Concentrated Feeding Operation, it was not injected with hormones or chemicals and the animal was treated with respect.  Nor did the meat I eat today have any environmental impact on mother earth. 

Why?   It’s a very simple concept… Mother Nature Always Wins!  Love GOD – Respect your body and your world.

ReboundAIR™ in Buffalo, NY – “Jump It to Believe it”

This isn't your momma's trampoline!Why ReboundAIR™?
  1. It’s the Holistic way to work the whole body without trauma or distress to the body -yet your still getting the endorphin rush, i.e. “runner’s high”.
2. It’s versatile – take it indoors, outdoors or on vacation with you.
3.  Turn up your favorite music and bounce and dance your way to a beautiful healthy strong body in 20 to 30 minutes 2 – 5 times a week. (It’s like a night out – dancing).
4.  Do I need to mention it’s so much FUN!
5. While your working out your whole body, the rebound exercise flushes out your lymphatic system (your immune system) like no other exercise!  A four minute “health bounce” a day will keep the body healthy and cellulite free.
6. Ramp it up with hand weights and even heavier weights for interval training.


We all know the importance of exercise for good health right?  So why don’t people exercise?

1. No Time. It takes to long to work all the muscle groups.
2. It’s painful
3, It’s adds even more stress to the body – vigorous exercise for a long workout releases cortisol in body- breaks down body – catabolic.
4. It’s boring. No Fun
5. It’s too nice out to go to the gym or stay indoors on home equipment.


Call  or email for a demonstration of this awesome exercise.  Read more about it!  Click on my ReboundAIR™ tab.

                             You Got to Jump It to Believe It! 

No Farms, No Food. Marilla, NY.

Western New York is home to many local farmers. This video shows how small farmers are thriving in a corporate farming world.  Support your local farms and by doing so you are protecting your health and our world!

Sunshine and Vitamin D

I hope everybody got out for at least 15 min to soak up that Vitamin D today!! Truly no vitamin or mineral alone gives the body what it needs – it must come from nature – thats where we get the “synergy”. Vitamin’s and mineral supplements should be thought of as the “back up” plan.
Low Vitamin D levels are linked to a host of illnesses.. Do your body good – get some fresh air and sunshine!