ReboundAIR™ Products and Prices




10% off all tramps!!

Please Visit : this includes my prices and sales.  Orders must be placed thru Whole Health Today.    Contact Roxanne at:
Call:  (716) 225-9030 or

Whole Health Today’s Exclusive Special with the purchase of any ReboundAIR Tramp:

A 30 minute session of Health Education on:   Exercise Physiology and Peak 8 Exercise.   In this 30 minute one on one session you will be able to easily understand the body to give it nourishing, effective whole body workout that will give you BIG results.



Staying in shape has never been so much FUN!



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  1. Are you able to treat people and do you accept insurance? My daughter lives in Colorado and sent me your websight. Also what is the price of your trampoline? Thank you for your time. Deb

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