“Does it Matter what we eat? I know people who “eat right” and “exercise” who developed a disease and died.”

554289_434254109936879_392361780792779_1529949_1467913630_n[1]How many have heard this before?  Perhaps these words came out of your mouth.  Here Is my response that I hope will be your’s someday – if not already.

I will take my chances and continue my “whole health lifestyle” of eating real food not -made in a lab – not grown in poisonous soil – foods not shot up with drugs- Being: fats, protein, veggies and whole grains. It’s not all about nutrition!! I will go in sun (moderation) be in nature daily- without poisoned sunscreen and allow my body to absorb the vitamin D3 that ramps up my immune system to fight off many illnesses in disease. I will continue to be kind, compassionate and care for the lives around me, I will continue to exercise in moderation and in such a way that I am not breaking down my body (every day we should move to keep our blood and lymphatic fluid flowing); lastly I will continue to have faith in my heart  – in my God, creator of this universe and respect the beauty how every living thing is interdependent on each other for a good quality of life. I will continue Respect the Golden Rule of most religions- treat others the way you would want to be treated as well as have a grateful heart and positive attitude and laugh. You see:   #1 we never had the right information on what is healthy”; #2 our country is driven by profit that doesn’t protect the health of our soil and thus “All Life” . So the choices we make daily can have a big impact on those profit seeking companies to stop destroying our soil/water/air. .. It’s a conscious shift to a Whole Living Lifestyle.

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Roxanne Linton, WHE, CCP,CCE