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Despite the fact the US spends the most on healthcare then any other country- more and more Americans are on prescribed medication.  What’s worse, the U.S. is facing epidemics in preventable diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and now Alzheimer’s.  Something is terribly wrong!

Did you know for every Dollar you invest in your employees’ health you save $6 in health care costs? Hard Return of Wellness Programs – Harvard Business Review

A reform in health care is desperately needed – it’s called Whole Health Prevention.  As your Wellness Professional I utilize my Whole Health approach  which addresses the Five Aspects of Health ® that very simply teaches the why’s and hows to preventative health.

Whole Health Wellness Programs:

1)  Stress and Disease – Learn why stress is responsible for 90% of all disease and how to protect you body.
2)  Nutrition  – Understand at a cellular level what you body needs for ultimate health that leads to weight loss and disease prevention. Please just say no to Diets and Fads!
3)  Hidden Food Allergies and Chronic Illness
4) Inflammation  – the Silent Killer.
5) Facts on Fats – Learn the real causes of Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
6) Stress Reductions Techniques – Meditation, EFT, Alternate Nostril Breathing and Guided Imagery.
7) Proper Exercise and Why
8) Your Thoughts and your Health – Learn of the Mind Body Connection
9) The Five Aspects of Health○ – It’s just not about Nutrition and exercise!

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Health Education Pediatric and Adolescent, Western New York.

Children and Young Adults need to be encouraged more then ever to protect their bodies.  As a Whole Health Educator, my mission is to fight Big Food and Big Agriculture with education to ensure our children’s’ welfare is protected.

Meanwhile, as a mother of two boys 10 and 12 – you can say I am at the front lines battling to protect my children’s health.  I am more interested about PREVENTION!  When my children think of McDonald’s, Burger King and High Fructose Corn syrup as a JOKE… I know I am winning the battle!  As a Whole Health Educator my mo-to is ” Bring it On”!

Yet nutrition is not everything to protect our children.  As A Whole Health Educator, my vision is to reach these children and teach them that we are dependent our on world as it is dependent on us.  I also need to teach we are meant to be kind and compassionate to one another. In addition, teaching children and young adults the values we place on our selves bring us hope and faith for a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately, teaching our children will not change the pollutants in the air and everyday products.  Yet, maybe just maybe, when these young children grasp the fact that our earth, it’s systems and our bodies cannot thrive on these chemicals… may be just may be -as adults- they have the power to turn this madness around.

I want to be the friend to share and inspire other moms and dads to protect this world – home for our children.

Every child has the right to a healthy life.  Unfortunately we are being bamboozled as to what is healthy and what is not.  Let me walk with you to safe guard the health of your children and their world.

All the Best,

Roxanne Linton WHE,



If It Only Was Simple

How many times have we said that?  Be it our car, computer, government or our own bodies.   We think, if I can just see the big picture of how it works – maybe just maybe I may be able to have some control.

Then there are all these products and their clever advertisements  that just add to the confusion as to what we need or should be buying.

I will start with the bad news; I got nothing on the car, computer or our government.  Now the Good news – As a Whole Health Educator ™ I can help you understand the Simple picture of the human body.

For starts, we must understand that our body is made up of systems and organs which have two way communications via our central nervous system and through our protein peptides (emotions, hormones and neuro peptides).   Now, our organs, systems, nervous system and protein peptides are interdependent on one another and perform many “unrelated” job tasks to keep the body healthy.  For instance did you know your pancreas and thyroid are very much part of your bone health? How about this, healthy bones are needed for a healthy immune system!  The simple picture is that our body is not broken up into parts and pieces… It’s a whole package and must be treated that way.

When we become sick, our body is screaming- with symptoms- that there is an imbalance.  Simply taking a pill will never fix this imbalance – just the symptom.  Most of the time, continued usage of medication leads the body to further imbalances.

Keep it Simple – Fix or Prevent the Imbalance!  Taking care of our whole body includes: Exercising  that includes pounding,weight bearing, aerobic and stretching; Eating Real Food that consist of natural Vitamin, Minerals, Enzymes and Phytonutrients, Protein, Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Roughage and Water. {Say NO to chemicals, processed and GMO’s}; Emotional Gate Keeping – our emotions/hormones play a major role in our health; Environment/Belonging– what’s going on internally in our body as well as what are we bringing in from the outside that’s messing us up on the inside? Lastly, Giving Thanks and Unyielding Faith for our blessings and for a better tomorrow.

Protect Your Health,